The companies we represent are listed below. To view the company’s web site (if available), just click on the company name. Please contact us for any additional assistance. Put our engineering knowledge and experience to work for you.

Alicat Scientific

Mass Flow Meters, Mass Flow Controllers, Digital Pressure Controllers. Digital Pressure Gauges and Liquid flow meters and controllers.

American Meter Company

Gas Turbine Meters, Rotary Meters, Diaphragm Meters. Gas Pressure Regulators, Axial Flow Control Valves and Slam Shut Valves. Gas Filters and Strainers.

Dresser Meters & Instruments

Rotary Gas Meters for all Natural Gas, Propane and Industrial Gases.

ELSTER AMCO Metering Formerly Kent Meters

Magnetic flow meters, Turbine meters for hot and cold water, Fuel Oil meters, Electronics and accessories.

ESI Incorporated

For Over 25 years, ESI Inc has been designing and manufacturing pressure transducers and pressure transmitters for oil & gas, aerospace, subsea, offshore, defense, process and general industrial applications.

King Engineering

Hydrostatic Sanitary Tank Gaging Systems. Inventory Control and Management.

King Instrument Company

Variable Area (Rotameters) Flow Meters. Glass Tube, Metal Tube and Acrylic Meters. Flow ranges up to 500 GPM.

Kytola Instruments

Flow Meters, Multi-tube flow meters, Oval Gear Meters, Water Seal Meters, Central Lubrication Systems.

Macnaught PD Meters

The Macnaught M and MX-SERIES positive displacement meters offer flexibility and robust design for superior performance and reliablity.

Mid-West Instrument

Differential Pressure Gages/Switches, Pitot Tubes, Pressure Gage Snubbers and Pressure Limiting Devices. Backflow Prevention Kits and Flow Balancing Kits.

Niagara Meters

Flow Meters for Steam, Water, Gas, Fuel Oil etc. Level Switches and Alarms.

Oldham Gas

Gas Detection and Monitoring Solutions.


Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples, RTD’s and Thermistors. Temperature Transmitters, Thermo Wells etc.

S-LOK Fittings and Valves

Our company proudly markets and distributes the precision manufactured S-LOK line of tubing fittings and instrumentation valve products. We take an engineered approach to insure our products maintain the highest level of gauge ability, interchangeability, corrosion resistance, and consistency.

Thermal Instrument Company

Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Flow Switches provide reliable, accurate flow measurement with no obstructions to the actual flow path. Our internal sensing circuit does not come into direct contact with the flow stream and are completely protected from any adverse process conditions. We utilize this technology across our product lines from in-line, to insertion probes, to our flow switches.


Pressure Gages, Thermometers and Pressure Switches.